The Suite Spot is the City of Sugar Hill's new solution to help small business grow and flourish.  The Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority has repurposed the old two-story Sugar Hill City Hall originally built in 1939.  Rather than demolishing the only historic building in Sugar Hill, it was decided that a better use of the space would be to help the rapidly growing business community, over 80% of which are home-based.  Giving local businesses a space to incubate within as well as the ability to work around other business-minded people and openly collaborate will lead to more successful businesses and a more successful city.

The Suite Spot features 3 types of working environments for local businesses and entrepreneurs: open co-working space which has Basic Membership and Premium Membership plans. There are also private office suites that are leased annually.

Co-working Space

The "co-working" portion of the building is located on the front of the first floor.  This space is for people who would typically work from home, camp out in coffee shops or do not have traditional offices to work from.  Since the space is meant to be flexible in nature, it's available on a month-to-month membership. 

The space features an open floor plan with plenty of comfortable seating and ample lighting.  There is also a large conference room and a small conference room that can be reserved by members if meetings need to be scheduled.  You can view the calendar and request a reservation a day in advance using this site's scheduling page.

Premium Space

The "Premium" space is located in the open area of the 2nd floor. Premium desks offer members at dedicated work space on which they can leave personal belongings. This is considered your space 24/7 and is not available for any other users. Premium desk membership is also on a month to month basis and in addition to the desk you have a locking file cabinet for use. Premium members have full access to the common space and the conference room similar to the co-work members.   

Office Suites

The second floor of The Suite Spot offers office suites under an annual lease for those who have a need for dedicated office space. Each office is a private, secure work environment and a blank slate for businesses to furnish their own space to their liking. Internet service is not included and is secured by each tenant to best suit their needs. Although, wifi can be purchased monthly through the Sugar Hill Business Technology Group at a reasonable rate. Other utilities are included in the annual lease.

The Goal of the Suite Spot

The Suite Spot business incubator office spaces are for businesses who will use the space as their primary means of business on a regular basis. The goal is fill the space with tenants who are actively using their space with the intent of growing their businesses so they can move to new office space being added to the downtown area over the next couple of years.

Business Types and Exceptions

Businesses such as counselors, tutors, accountants, insurance agents, etc. that have a business primarily for services clients that regularly need to visit their office may find the Suite Spot does not fit their needs due to the building being locked 24/7 with no easy way for guests to gain access to the building when they arrive.

We would love to accommodate any type of business, but the truth is, the building just isn't designed to accommodate everyone's style of work. But for most, it's the ideal place to set up roots in Sugar Hill.

Location & Map


The Suite Spot

4988 W Broad St

Sugar Hill GA, 30518